2015-2016 Contest

Below is an archive of the 2015-2016 information.

The 2015-2016 Illinois State Yo-Yo Contest will be held on April 30th, 2016. This year’s contest will be held at Everybody’s Coffee, 935 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60640. What looks like a quaint coffee shop on the outside opens into a massive, 5,000-square-foot performance space with 30-foot ceilings and room for up to 500 guests. Previous year’s contests were huge successes, but we are very confident that this year’s contest will be even better.

James Buffington, Bill Alrifai, Bill Brooks, and Tommy Gun are this year’s organizers, and have plans to make this year’s contest something special. There will be the Sport Ladder, Sport Freestyle, 1A Freestyle, and Open Freestyle divisions.

Judges for the contest Include Connor Scholten and Jake Elliott. Others are still being determined, but they will be some of the best in the sport.

Check back often for updates on both the website and Facebook page. This is one contest you don’t want to miss!


9:00 AM Doors Open and registration Starts
9:45 AM Sport Ladder
10:15 AM Sport Freestyle
11:00 AM Prelims * dependent on number of entries
2:00 PM 1A and Open Finals
5:00 PM Awards


Three freestyle divisions will be held at the Illinois State Yo-Yo Contest: Sport (amateur), 1A and Open (2A, 3A, 4A, and 5A). Judging will follow standard NYYL Judging rules.

All music must be considered appropriate for all audiences. Performers with inappropriate music (obscenities, offensive content, etc.) will be disqualified. If you are unsure about your music, please contact us at least one week prior to the contest for review.

Music must be brought to the stage on a mp3 player or Phone shortly before each individual’s performance.

Music must be in one track. If possible, edit your music to the proper length for the freestyle (1:00 for Sport; 1:00 minute prelims, 2:00 minutes final for 1A; 2:00 minutes for Open). If not edited, the music will be abruptly stopped at the conclusion of the time. If the music is stopped accidentally, the contestant may choose to continue his or her performance from the point that the music stopped or start a new performance at the end of the division.

Prelims may take place in the 1A division depending on the number of competitors. Both prelims and finals music must be provided for 1A. Sport and Open divisions only need finals music.

Sport Ladder

The Sport Ladder is designed to be a challenging and fair contest format beginning with easier tricks and quickly ramping up to much more difficult ones in two different styles of play: 1A and Looping.

In the ladder, a player is allowed only one attempt on each trick. Successful completion of the trick advances the player to the next trick. If a trick is missed, the miss is noted, and the player also moves on to the next trick. The second time a trick is missed in a ladder, the player is retired from that ladder and will start the second ladder.

A player receives a COMBINED SCORE equal to the sum of the last trick made in each ladder. The combined score from the two ladders will be used to determine the awards.

You can view the sport ladder here: http://yoyotricks.com/yoyo-trick-sport-ladder/.

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